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My name is Aaron Li, I am from the United States, I am focused on the sales as well as manufacturing of concrete and also building equipment, I know with the property job development process, building and construction legislation and associated building and construction industry policies and acceptance criteria, master the building and construction process of civil design, a specific design plan assess capability, great building and construction site organization as well as control, project monitoring capacities. Abundant experience in building and construction management and practical experience in managing a group, solid capacity to resist stress as well as positive work. Diligent as well as committed, honest, positive, proactive, with a solid feeling of obligation. Broad-minded, responsive, with strong abstract thought capacity, easy to accept brand-new knowledge rapidly. Today, our business generates the following makers: laser screed, power screed, power trowel, truss screed, trip on power trowel and also roller screed, welcome friends from all profession to speak with as well as acquire.

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5th Ave, NY, 10001, USA
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